Ask your granny...

published on 12 November 2020

As a SaaS consultant, I'm on consulting calls daily and I'm always noticing one major issue among SaaS business but, this applies to tonnes of other websites/businesses

The issue is simple, when we develop or create something, we're the ones creating it, we understand it because we're the ones that built it.

Have you ever asked your users if they understand it? Do they know how to use it? Are they dropping off before they're even on-boarded?

And this is where I get to the point, ask your granny to try out your tool. Listen to everything she has to say and simplify your landing page, onboarding progress and backend as much as you can.

Alternatively, sit in a room with your family, get them all to test your website at once and take as many notes as possible, it may be horrible to hear but, trust me, you need to hear it.

Not everyone is as technical as you and as a SaaS, people are buying into a streamlined/simplified service because they often don't have the knowledge on how to do something or build it themselves

Published by Rhys Morgan

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