How to never lose a deal...

published on 12 November 2020

Want to know how to never lose a deal?

Well, trust me it's simpler than you think.

I've come across this issue with tonnes of GetRhys clients.

Lost leads are on average 90% of your pipeline and they're normally lost because of one of the following reasons;

  • Too expensive
  • Don't want to go ahead
  • Not ready just yet

Well, if it's either that you're too expensive or they quite simply don't want to go ahead, the deal is normally lost for good.

There is another option though, most companies have an upsell in place but they forget about having a down-sell.

So, when a deal is "dead" you can always offer something similar to;

  • Selling a done-for-you package? Sell them an ebook or course on how to do it for themselves.
  • Selling a service? Sell them a taster or restricted version.
  • Selling investor relations? Sell them an automated outreach system.
  • Selling apples? Sell them the seeds.

Anyway, I'm sure you get the point.

When a lead says no, a few days after, respond with "No worries, just so you know we can also offer you XXX"

A lost lead is lost revenue, do whatever you can to recover this and double you closed deal pipeline over the next month.

Published by Rhys Morgan

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