Stop trying to find new leads...

updated on 17 June 2023

So, 90% of people that come to me on a daily basis for consulting have the same question...

“Rhys, how do I find more leads”.

Honestly, this drives me crazy and I normally stop them right there. Why? Well, I then ask them what their current conversion rate is? It’s at this point they normally say “I’m not actually sure”.

Now, there are different types of founders in this world and often none of them are know it all’s and that’s fine but, just because you’re good at development or marketing doesn’t mean you should be forgetting one of the most important topics for your SaaS which is Conversion Rate Optimisation.

When most people hear that term, they often think of their landing page and well, although that’s right, it doesn’t stop there. CRO can be from the point someone views your advert to the point they’re being onboarded on your platform.

Now, I’ve helped double conversion rates time in time out and I know it’s not the same process for everyone but, I’ll list a few major points below;

Landing Pages

  • Are your CTA’s consistent? “Start 15-day free trial”
  • Do you have a video? I’d add this at the top of the page, if you can’t, add a basic GIF.
  • Are your images/infographics relevant?
  • Do you have enough types of different social proof such as written reviews, video testimonials, case studies, numbers etc.
  • Do you have a CTA at the top and bottom of the LP? This will allow users that have viewed your whole page, to take action at the bottom.
  • How many different options do you provide to get in contact? Live chat, email, call, social media etc.
  • Have you neatly listed all of your features? Each feature is a USP.
  • Does your headline speak to your target audience?

Signup flow

  • Do you need to collect a credit card? Have you split tested this?
  • Do you offer a relevant trial? 7 days and 14 days are old school. Try 10 days or 15 days.
  • Do you have social proof on the signup page itself such as “Were rated X/X”, “Secure checkout through”, “XXXX currently use us” and “We’ve had XX signups this week”?
  • Do you ask for a password twice? Remove it, it creates friction.
  • Do you offer simple signup through Google, LinkedIn, Facebook etc?

Onboarding flow

  • Do you offer multiple options for someone to get onboarded? Some people like to talk to someone, some love to work it out on their own and some love to watch videos.
  • If your product has dashboards, do you offer templates so they can get started in less than 30 seconds?
  • Do you have a webinar people can watch? This will cut out your time on onboarding calls.
  • Do you have info icons next to each button/setting to help new users get familiar with the dashboard?

The point of CRO is to not only make sure you have all the information that the prospect needs but to also simplify the process from landing to signup.

Published by Rhys Morgan

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