Learn to love your competitors...

published on 12 November 2020

Competitors... We often stress about them, but as per my frequent conversations with clients, we rarely monitor them.

Learn to love your competitor, sign up for their tool, stalk their website, reverse engineer their marketing strategies, talk to their support team and get a spot on their mailing list.

So many of you will always be fighting for customer feedback, figuring out how you can make your product better or figuring out what you think you’re doing wrong and that’s great but, most of the time the answers are right in front of you and a tonne of time can be saved.

For the next 5 minutes hop onto your competitors website, look at the following points and take some notes;

  1. What options for support do they have that you don’t?
  2. What have they included on their LP that you haven’t?
  3. Is their sign-up and onboarding process simpler than yours?
  4. Are they offering a longer/shorter trial? Can you split test this.
  5. From their reviews, can you see who they’re targeting that you may not be?
  6. Do they have an explainer video and you don’t?
  7. Are they cheaper? (This isn’t always important depending on your positioning)

Now, I get it, it’s not about copying your competitor but it is about doing better than them and on top of what’s mentioned above, once that’s implemented, take a look at other huge SaaS brands and see what you can pull from their websites too.

Published by Rhys Morgan

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